Monday, May 15, 2017


                         Important Happenings for the Week Beginning May 15, 2017

Monday:  1st-4th Read Chapter 19 and complete response

                 5th-6th Read Chapter 17 and complete response

                 Extra Credit for all classes:  Chapter 16 and 17 Response
                   They are worth 5 points a piece. They are due tomorrow.

Tuesday:  1st - 4th Complete Chapter 20 Response and read Chapter 21

                 5th Complete Chapter 18 Response

                 6th Complete Chapter 18 Response

Wednesday:  1st -4th Read Chapter 23 and complete response.
                      5th - 6th Read Chapter and complete response.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Image result for important eventsFor the week beginning May 8, 2017

***Friday is our trip to the high school.  It is also a donation dress down day!

Monday: Periods 1 - 4: Complete Chapter 12 Response
                 Read Chapter 13 and complete response.

                 Periods 5 - 6  Read Chapter 12 and complete response.

Tuesday:  Periods 1-4 Read Chapter 14 and complete response.

                 Periods 5-6 Read Chapter 13 and complete response.

Wednesday:  Periods 1-4 Read Chapter 15 and 16. Complete Chapter 15 Response

                      Periods 5 - 6 Read Chapter 14 and complete response.

Thursday;  Periods 1-4 Read Chapter 17.
                  Periods 5-6 Read Chapter 15 and complete Chapter 15 Response.

Friday:  Periods 1-4 Read Chapter 18 and complete Chapter 18 Response
              Periods 5-6 Read Chapter 16 and complete Chapter 16 Response

Monday, May 1, 2017

                  ****Important happenings for the week beginning May 1, 2017!****

In class we are reading the novel "The Giver."You should have read up to Chapter 10.  All Chapter Responses up to and including Chapter 10 should be completed.

Monday:  Complete Chapter 6 and 7 Response and Read Chapter 8.

Tuesday:  Read Chapter 9 and complete Chapter 9 Response.

Wednesday:  Read Chapter 10 and complete Chapter 10 Response
                      Quiz tomorrow on vocab from Chapters 5-8

Thursday:  Open note quiz on Chapters 6-10 on Friday.

Friday:  1st through 6th complete Chapter 11 Response.  5th and 6th period have their open note quiz on Monday.

                                                Image result for keep calm school is almost over

Monday, April 24, 2017

Image result for important eventsFor the Week Beginning April 24, 2017

PSSA's are Tuesday through Thursday.  Make sure you get your rest!!!

Monday:  Chapter 5 response due Friday

Monday, April 17, 2017

Image result for important eventsfor the week beginning April 17, 2017

In class we are reading The Giver,  There is an audio version on my blog if needed.

 Yearbook order forms were handed out today.  Extras are not ordered so if your child wants to order one, please have money and orders in by Monday, April 24th. The cost is $20 and checks are to be made out to the NSE PTO.  Thanks!!

Monday:  Read Chapter 2 of The Giver and complete Chapter Response for the 2nd Chapter.

Tuesday:  Read Chapter 3 of The Giver.
                 Vocab quiz on 10 vocab words from Chapters 1-4 on Friday.

Thursday:  Read Chapter 4

Friday:  Complete Chapter 4 Response and Vocab notecard

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Image result for important eventsFor the Week Beginning April 10, 2017

We are going to be reading The Giver.  We will be doing some writings and activities along with reading the book.  Your student has a copy of the book that they will be responsible for until the end of the year.

Tuesday: 1st through 4th, and 6th periods need to read Chapter 1 of  The Giver for homework.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Image result for important eventsWeek beginning April 3, 2017

***Monday we will review for the PSSA's.

***Tuesday we will begin taking the PSSA's.

***AR points are due April 30, 2017    Related image